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ISDN Terminals for Makedonski Telekom AD

On May 12th, 2004, INTRACOM Ltd Skopje, was awarded the tender for the ISDN Terminals, announced by Makedonski Telekom AD, the largest fixed telecoms operator in the country. The frame contract between INTRACOM Ltd Skopje and Makedonski Telekom AD provides for the supply of equipment, maintenance (service and technical support) and training. The first order of 1,000 terminals has already been executed with more orders anticipated.

This frame contract, originally valid for one year, has been extended for the forthcoming period, as the collaboration between INTRACOM Ltd Skopje and Makedonski Telekom AD has been successful. With INTRACOM’s NetMod terminals, Makedonski Telekom AD is planning to expand the established ISDN network in the country and to offer its customers high-speed data connections as well as the advantages of the digital lines.

Network access products have been developed by INTRACOM in order to provide high quality ISDN services and high-speed Internet access, allowing also existing analogue devices to work over an ISDN connection. NetMod is an advanced type of ISDN NT, which provides an S-Bus (offering connections up to eight ISDN terminals), two analogue (a/b) interfaces and two data ports for high-speed data communication through an RS-232 and/or a USB connection. The data protocols supported are PPP and ML-PPP, providing dynamic allocation from 64Kbit/sec to 128 Kbit/sec. Updated services, customers specific requirements and new features, such as AO/DI, can be implemented even after the on site installation via remote or local firmware download.


  • ISDN Basic Access Provision
  • Two analogue (a/b) interfaces available
  • Up to eight ISDN terminals connected to the S-bus
  • Data communication (up to 128 Kbit/sec) through an RS-232 and/or USB connection
  • Emergency operation mode for an ISDN or POTS or data port remotely powered from the local exchange via the U-line
  • BAP/BACP protocols supported
  • AO/DI functionality for “always-on” connection through D-channel with dynamic bandwidth allocation according to services
  • Network Management System Capability
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